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Announcing: An Exclusive Deal For Prospective Fit Body Boot Camp Owners Who Need to Raise Capital.
Legacy Incubator
A 4 week course to help you raise money, become a smarter entrepreneur,
and open up your FBBC location.

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…It’s Time To Build Your Legacy

Everyone’s dream is to open a business and do something they’re passionate about. But few know how to do it successfully. We have helped hundreds open, automate, and scale their businesses and we want to offer you the same funding and success formula.
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4 Weeks Of Funding Your Legacy,
And Business Building Lessons Delivered Directly To You

Here's a taste of what you are about to learn...

Week 1: How To Start And Run Your First Round Of Funding

This week you will learn the formula to tap into your warm market and run your first round of funding. We’ve created a success manual that will walk you through it, each step of the way.

Week 2: Creating Your Business Plan

This week you will be creating your business plan and submitting it to the small business association and banks who want to give you a loan. We have a rock solid template for you to follow and will help you every step of the way.

Week 3: Unconventional Funding

Can’t get an SBA bank loan? No worries, we have a few unconventional ways to still help you get funded. We have relationships with specialized banks and brokers to help get you funded.

Week 4: Finding And Securing A Location

This week we teach you all of our tips and tricks to finding the best locations and negotiating the best deals. We will show you how to research the demographics and negotiate a lease.

Meet Your Instructor

Jeff Sherman, CEO Tech Sweat LLC

Jeff Sherman Jeff Sherman
Jeff Sherman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tech Sweat LLC

He launched his first fitness business in 2001 at the age of 21, and since then has launched 5 different businesses that include a multiple 6 figure generating Fit Body Boot Camp location, and four other business in technology and Information marketing.

In addition to operating multiple businesses, Jeff is a highly sought after speaker and consultant in the the business development industry who has impacted over 5,000 fitness businesses in over 6 countries.

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